Out long time friend moves away today and he left behind a -ahem- trinket from Bruce and my wedding earlier this year. Rory thought this was a dashing accessory complete with its own dangly strings for playtime!

Feeding night for the geckos! Butter was way more interested in getting out to eat right away. Ink seems to be doing fine, lots of hanging around and I’ve seen some poops, which is good. He hasn’t touched his food yet, but I did just put it out tonight around 8. We’ll see if any is gone in the morning. Or I might see a lovely painting on the glass. ;)

How to do stair exercises with Butter.
Step one: stair your limitations in the face
Step two: take steps toward your goals. Just in case you forgot how awesome you are don’t forget to look at everything you have already accomplished. You’re always a step up from where you were yesterday.
Step three: don’t forget to stretch and forget about those terrible stair related puns your just read.