How to do stair exercises with Butter.
Step one: stair your limitations in the face
Step two: take steps toward your goals. Just in case you forgot how awesome you are don’t forget to look at everything you have already accomplished. You’re always a step up from where you were yesterday.
Step three: don’t forget to stretch and forget about those terrible stair related puns your just read.

I was worried about Butter last night because I went to feed him some crickets and he refused them. No interest whatsoever.
Then i remembered I put a whole lot of meal worms in his bowl earlier. It usually takes him several hours to find new worms in his dish and I hadn’t seen him out since then so I figured they were still there.
Two left, out of at least 15 (I was out yesterday so I gave him a few extra). They weren’t the biggest worms I had ever seen, but that explains pretty clearly why he wasn’t hungry.